MAGNETIC PRODUCTS: Magnetic Rod, Micro Magnetic Stand, Universal Stand, Magnetic triangle table, Thousand divide Stand
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(1) Magnetic Rod  
It is use to remove metallic waste Like ferrite powder and iron chippings from all kinds of lathes. To remove iron chippings and ferrite Powder in water tanks and oil tank to clean lathes, and clean the oil or water again, solving the problems where it is difficult to clean, extending life of mechanics and tools, and ensuring high quality & efficiency of work pieces. Magnetic Rod is made of permanent magnet. It is easy to cut magnetic force, demagnetization will never occur. It can be used for all chemical objects repeatedly, and no rust will produce.
The usage temperature of magnetic rod is not more than 100C
  The product is used for the function of lever meter. The main body of the product is machine universal device and additional rod.
(2) Micro Magnetic Stand  
(3) Universal Stand  
This product can have such meter gauges installed stable at the working positions as dial gauge, micro meter and comparator etc. It's widely used for work measurement, shape and position error. The accurate figures can be got easily and quickly.
(4) Magnetic triangle table  
The product is used for inspecting and correcting the verticality and concentricity because of reasonable structure and high precision.
(5) Thousand divide Stand  
The product is used for holding of micrometer for convenient inspection.